5 eyeshadow palettes to add in your makeup stash this New Year
5 eyeshadow palettes to add in your makeup stash this New Year

5 eyeshadow palettes to add in your makeup stash this New Year

2020 hasn’t been easy for all of us.


And MAYBE, you aren’t THAT excited to doll-up for New Year Eve too!



MAYBE adding some really cool eyeshadow palettes in your makeup stash will do the deal for you!


Take a break, whip out a brush and try on some amazing eyeshadow looks this New Year.


But what eyeshadow palettes should you buy?


Read on. 

Let’s take you through 5 Must -haves from our offerings.


Hell Yeah-Neon Palette

Get playful this New Year.

Try out some really funky eye makeup looks with this eye shadow palette. It is an ensemble of 24 eyeshadows in rich shades specifically designed to create quirky, out-of-the box looks. Featuring 8 mattes and 16 pressed glitters that are enough to create a statement!


You’d love it?

Our answer is, “Hell Yeah!”


Fiery Charm

Cast your charm on others this Holidays with our Fiery Charm eye shadow palette.

The palette features 35 shades and is a perfect pick for a warm tone makeup. Enclosed in rose-gold packaging, this palette is a treat for other eyes and on your EYES! It’s a clear hit for those who want to wear neutral yet mesmerizing shades to a party. Add this one definitely to your makeup stash.

On the Go

Sometimes you really don’t want to put in a lot of effort and still want to look GOLD. Great makeup products help you do that with ease. 

That’s what On the Go eyeshadow palette is all about.  You can put on all the shades in this palette on the go and your eyes will speak for themselves.

It has 18 eye shadow shades of rose gold, beautiful bronze, matte neutrals and metallic finish. Super smooth to glide on, easy to apply and super-high quality formulated.


Delightful Surprise

What’s a festive season without A LOT of GLITTER?

Nothing, isn’t it?


Therefore it’s a given that Delightful Surprise has to make it your cart!
15 shades that portray shimmery perfection to the T, needs to be in your makeup stash.


You need to shine bright, or just The BRIGHTEST in the celebrations and this palette will help you do JUST THAT. Go, add it NOW!


Ciao Bella

What’s the best eyeshadow palette for warm eye makeup looks?

Ciao Bella!!


Yes, it’s great in quality, cost-effective and helps you stand out whenever required.  10 shades that can act as your contour as well as eye shadow shades. That too, so rich in quality!


We think you should go for this one!

It will be a great companion for the year 2021.


What do you think?

Which of these will you add in your makeup stash?

Also, do check out our other killer eyeshadow palettes here.

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