Eye-Makeup Tips for Beginners

Eye Makeup…


Us: We have got you covered. Don’t surf the internet anymore!


Yep, we know that pain!

Been there, done that. 


We all need an eye-makeup guide actually.


To know what exactly needs to be done step by step to have a killer eye-makeup look. Therefore, we bring to you this article wherein you’ll get everything to start creating a basic eye-makeup look for yourself.


Let’s begin.


Apply an eye-primer

Okay, so you want your eye shadow shades to stay on for a long time, right?

For that, you’ll have to apply eye-primer. 


If you don’t want to invest in one, moisturize your eyelids properly.

That’s not that effective but still something is better than nothing!!


Next, let it dry and apply concealer/foundation on the lids to prep them for the eyeshadow shades to glide on.


Try more neutral shades

As a beginner you should try to apply more neutral shades.

This will help you create an easy eye-makeup look. You can try our Fiery Charm eyeshadow palette. It’s a perfect pick to create a neutral yet stunning eye makeup look.


Applying eyeshadow

Start by using the mid-tone shade on the outward corner of your eye. Apply it above the crease and blend it inwards. Then, go ahead and apply the contour shade from the outer corner and blend it inwards. Lightly mix both the shades and apply it on the bottom lash line. 


Use the highlighter(the lighter shade) on your brow bone and on the inner corner of your eye. 


Line your eyes

To make your eyes look denser, applying a liner on the lids is a must!
Are you one of those who always fail to match both the eyes while lining?


Not a problem! Read on.

Start from the inner corner of the eye and make a dotted line towards the outer corner, thereafter join the line to get the perfect look. Build it up with small strokes and then darken the already applied layer. Try a couple of times, you’ll definitely get it.


Volumize your eyelashes

You have made it to the final step of your basic eye-makeup routine.

First up, Curl your eyelashes with a curler. Then take your Mascara wand and start applying the product from roots to tips. Follow the same procedure on your lower eye lashes too. 


If you are a false eyelash lover, then do check out the vast spread of our artificial false eyelashes here.


And voila, your eye-makeup is done!

We hope you understood this well. 

Do let us know in case you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer.


You’ll do a great job, we know!!

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