neon eyeliner

neon eyeliner
How to Create a Smokey Eye Look with a Neon Eyeliner?

You would have witnessed many actors on the red-carpet wearing smokey eyes and looking incredibly beautiful. Don’t worry; you do not have to be a celeb to rock this eye makeup. When we say eye makeup, it always sounds a little complicated. Smokey eyes are also very much in trend.…

Expert Tip: Create A Perfect Neon Eye

One of the biggest trends in beauty or amongst the makeup geeks is NEON eye makeup looks. Believe it or but you can’t stop thinking about acing your neon eyeliner makeup and enhancing your looks. Neon eyeshadow comes handy… Do you know what is the kick? You can experiment with…

Let Your Eye Talk And Make A Bold Statement

With protecting masks shielding us all the time, playing with eye makeup has become a routine exercise. So, why apply eyeliner the same way? From neon liquid eyeliner to sultry smudgy kohl eyeliner, our pandemic life has been all about eye makeup.  Whether you like your eyeliner thick or thin,…

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