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    • Naturale


      Love. Light. Lashes. Let’s get back to the essentials. Let your inner beauty reflect in your eyes with the Naturale Charm lashes. Criss-crossed and elongated, these lashes make personal styling easy-breezy. The natural volume and invisible band make it feel and look light as a feather. Its fun, fluttery and…

    • Twinkle


      If you want eyes that evoke power and purpose, think Twinkle lashes. Aslender display of long and short criss-crossing lashes, it pairs comfort withtrue freedom. So light and wispy, it lets you experience the finest times fromthe start of the day to the end of the night. The Twinkle lashes…

    • DollMeUp


      Doll like appearance while instant brightening and enlarging the look of your eyes. Lower Lashes are very light, airy and takes your eye makeup to another level. 100% Handmade Human Hair with an invisiable band. Finish your look with our Latex-Free Lash Adhesive (Lash Glue) For those who defy monotony,…

      • Clear
    • Microfiber Blending Sponge (Pink)

    • Eye Candy Lashes


      For those who feel the unmistakable pull of sensory exploration, the Eye Candy lashes evoke the charisma and magnetism. Long rounded lashes rhythmically play along the natural shape of the eyes, casting a dense shadow. On days you want to rule – whatever endeavor, whichever place – wear the Eye…

    • SugarHeaven


      Bold, confident, strikingly sensuous – that’s a match with those who wear theSugar Heaven lashes. Criss-crossing lashes are stylishly arranged in ascaling fashion from short to long. Dreamy yet forceful, light yet bold, thelashes match with the woman who dares. Explore every possibility and createyour own world with the Sugar…

    • Melody


      Take the world in your stride with pinnacle oomph. The melody lashes – longand curvy, defined and voluminous – naturally match the different roles youtake on through the day. It brings out the secret of your spirit through youreyes. Melody is for those who live a life of many facets…

    • Nikkie


      Confident eyes exemplify impressive presence, wherever you go. Aculmination of fine lashes set in clusters, leading to elegantly criss-crossingcurvy lashes, the Nikkie reflects your robust vibe. From day to evening, gobold wherever you venture, whatever you do. Available: pack of 1 and pack of 3Longevity: wear 18-20 timesVibe: Bold, striking…

    • Pearl


      Pierce the atmosphere with your quiet presence. The Pearl lashes are silentyet bold, subtle yet powerful. An aesthetic display of delicate lashes –ascending from short to long – transcends the obvious. It brings your admirerscloser, searching for what lay beyond. For those who believe that simplicitycan be awe-inspiring, the Pearl…

    • Valerie


      No statements too bold, no detail too intricate, the Valerie lashes are theultimate expression of self. Subtle, soft and minimal, the lashes form a definedoutline that is young and energetic. Encompassing every possibility, theValerie lashes are for those exceptional few who stand clear of the rest.Available: pack of 1 and…

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