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Remember Penny from The Big Bang Theory?

How generous, kind yet fun and lively she was.

She was full of life.


So is our Penny.

Once you put on Penny, you’ll get a hold of what we are saying.

It takes the load off your eyes just like she did.


Its lightweight, premier quality, made up of soft-fibres and gives your eyes a natural look.

You can wear Penny whenever you feel like. It makes for a good companion both in the day and the night.


Multilayered, thin, fine and flared, you can have a hand on this one now.

You can also buy false eyelashes online directly from the kingdom of lashes’ website.


If you are somebody with small or hooded eyes, Penny is surely a great fit for you.

It gives your eyes the exact upliftment it requires.

It is vegan, chemical and dry free.


It can be used 15+ times when kept with proper care and maintenance.

So easy to apply and remove.


Use our newly launched clear lash adhesive liner to put on Penny on your natural eyelashes.

It is so easy and hassle-free.

No more glue problems while putting on false eyelashes with our eyelash adhesive eyeliner.


Penny is your go-to false eyelashes when you are really confused to choose! It gives you a wide-eyed look. You can wear it during the day as well as at night. It will be a great pick for your evening get-together as it is ultra-long yet so light. Your eyes will surely be the topic of discussion. All this and so comfortable to wear.


Go grab your pair now!


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