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Your eye-makeup should be captivating!

And Mia here does exactly that for you.


Yep, you read it right.

Put a FULL STOP in your search to buy false eyelashes online now!


We’ve got just the right pair of false eyelashes that will not only add drama to your eyes but will make you feel even better.


Mia is THAT over-dramatic friend of yours who always has a lot to say and do.

Who is such a scene-stealer!!


Guess what, you got to be one too!

Put on a pair of Mia and feel that.


It’s superlight, has soft fibres and is exactly the right high-quality faux mink lashes you are looking for all over the internet.


If you have small or hooded eyes, MIA will be your best friend.

It’s fine, thin, double-layered and has a round pattern that will instantly add volume to your natural eyelashes.


You can trim MIA according to your requirement. Half-lashes are so in-these days and MIA definitely will give you a fuller eyelashes look towards the end.


And it’s so easy to put MIA on.

Have your hands on our recently launched clear lash adhesive eyeliner, put a stroke above your natural eyelashes and place MIA there.


See, it’s that easy.

You don’t have to deal with the mess of the eyelash glue anymore.

It’s so easy to wear and can easily be worn 15+ times when maintained with proper care.


What are you waiting for?

Add drama to your eyes and to your life!
Grab a pair of MIA and get going.


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There are no reviews yet.

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