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You got to have the best false eyelashes!

A set of’em totally sets the tone for your entire makeup look.


And what better than high-quality, faux mink lashes to go for?

Yes, you read it right!


Maya, is one such companion of yours,FOR LIFE!

Made with soft-fibres, and enough spacing between each lash, Maya gives you the perfect look for your eyes.

As if you haven’t worn any add-on.


It gives you a natural look which you can rock in your day-lit hangouts or late-night parties, both!

If you are one of those who have small or hooded eyes, Maya is a perfect pick for you.

The great fact about faux-mink falsies is that they look ultra-long yet weigh like a feather. You can always trim them according to what length suits you the best.


Putting on Maya, you are sure to have classy yet vivacious eyes.

You can put Maya on with the help of our newly launched eyelash adhesive eyeliner.

It’s super easy to wear falsies with the help of a hassle-free clear lash adhesive.


And Maya surely knows how to set the tone right for your mood.

Whether it’s an event, a party or just a Self-love time, putting on Maya will totally enhance your vibe and you’ll feel it!


Maya is great, gives you exactly the kinda look you want but requires care. And if cared for properly, you can get at least 15 wear out of a pair!


Now that’s something you’d like to try, isn’t it?

We can’t wait to see you wear Maya on your special day.

Hurry up, get your own pair and send us your feedback.

Happy Shopping.


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There are no reviews yet.

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