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The pair of false eyelashes that will fill you with hope is Lyla.

Like its soft fibres and high-quality faux mink hair, it makes sure whoever wears it is hopeful of what life has to offer.


It is lightweight, fine, thin and has a criss-crossed pattern so that it can easily add volume to your natural eyelashes. Once you put on Lyla, you won’t feel any extra weight onto your eyes.

Lyla is multi-layered and is perfect for small or hooded eyes.

You can wear it to your office, a casual day-out or even to a late-night party.


It will never disappoint you. Lyla can be reused more than 15 times when treated with proper care. You can also very easily put them on. You don’t have to face any more problems while applying false eyelashes.


Use our newly launched clear lash adhesive eyeliner that will help you put on Lyla smoothly and with the utmost ease. This eyelash adhesive liner is available for our website for purchase. Have your hands on this combo soon.


Getting this eyelash adhesive will also make your work really easier.

As putting on Lyla will then be such an easy and comfortable task.


Lyla is free from any toxic chemicals and dyes.

It is perfectly safe for you to use and apply.

Tested and tried Lyla, is also vegan and cruelty-free.

We just want the best eyelashes for you.

Don’t believe us? Try for yourself!


Buy false eyelashes online directly from our website.

There’s a great deal going on there.

Go grab your pair of Lyla now.


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There are no reviews yet.

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