Eyeshadow Palette

    • Delightful Surprise – Glitter Palette

      34.6% 1,000.001,890.00 2,890.00 1,890.00

      Guess what, you’ll be delightfully surprised by this palette! This palette is the key to a plethora of looks that you can create with these 15 pressed glitters. No matter what your vibe is, this palette is a perfect pick for your bridal routine or for creating a deep shimmery…

    • Ciao Bella


      Hey! We got your attention, right? So does this palette and its shades! A beautiful ensemble of 10 eyeshadows, this Glitter & matte eyeshadow palette features both pressed glitter and matte shades that deliver some of the best pigment pay-offs. If you are up for something that can help you…

    • Hell Yeah – Neon Palette

      30% 897.002,093.00 (7)
      2,990.00 2,093.00

      The palette that instantly boosts up your confidence is here!! Hell Yeah it’s here. Play with bright hues and leave’em awestruck with the Hell Yeah Palette. It is an ensemble of 24 eyeshadows in rich shades specifically designed to create quirky, out-of-the box looks. Our Neon Bright Eyeshadow Palette Features…

    • Girl Power

      30% 1,017.002,373.00 (1)
      3,390.00 2,373.00

      Rainbows are majestic!! Aren’t they? So is this palette! A majestic ensemble of eyeshadows in bright, pompous shades. This palette features 6 pressed glitter shades too to amp-up the bright look. It also ticks off all the boxes of your eyeshadow requirements: deeply pigmented, excellent blendability, sumptuous feel and long-lasting…

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