Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Palette
    • Warm Nudes x30

      40% 1,196.001,794.00 2,990.00 1,794.00

      Unleash the inner artist with each stroke and create a masterpiece every day with KOLs Warm Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. With 30 exciting shades in 1 palette allows you to experiment and create subtle to sensual looks with an array of unique colour combinations. The mattes and metallics present in this…

    • Lilac Nudes x9

      40% 476.00714.00 1,190.00 714.00

      Play up with your eyelids with KOLs Lilac pastel eyeshadow palette. Each shade offers versatile looks from subtle to vivid and colourful! Now play with your looks from warm to soft and statement bolds. This 9-in-1 pastel palette is convenient to carry on the go and ready to be used…

    • Gold Nudes x9

      40% 476.00714.00 1,190.00 714.00

      Every queen holds a secret weapon before claiming their throne… This is YOURS! Every shimmery shade of this 9-in-1 Gold Eyeshadow Palette has a story to tell. Inspired by the glow of golden hour, this palette is brimming with sublime golden matte shades. Give yourself a golden treatment with our…

    • Pink Nudes x9

      40% 476.00714.00 1,190.00 714.00

      Now gleam, glow and create show-stopping looks in minutes. KOLs Nude Shades of Pink Eyeshadow Palette has a shade range from flattering mattes to sultry metallic that is sleek like liquid metal and smooth like a cream. These shades are perfect companions for a glamorous day out. The 9-in-1 KOLs…

    • Ciao Bella


      Hey! We got your attention, right? So does this palette and its shades! A beautiful ensemble of 10 eyeshadows, this Glitter & matte eyeshadow palette features both pressed glitter and matte shades that deliver some of the best pigment pay-offs. If you are up for something that can help you…

    • Tropical Tan

      35% 837.001,553.00 (2)
      2,390.00 1,553.00

      “Vibrant Colors”, you said? Let us introduce you to our Tropical Tan bright shades eyeshadow palette that has 18 eye-catching vibrant shades perfect for both day and night use. This eyeshadow palette has so many options to choose from. It is very easy to apply and simple to blend. The…

    • You Glow Girl Highlighter Palette

      25.1% 500.001,490.00 1,990.00 1,490.00

      If you ask anybody who LOVES make-up, you’ll know that he/she/they, CAN’T do without a good highlighter! And you’ll agree with us too, right? So KOI presents to you its pearl finish highlighter palette. You can use it as per your needs. Apply it as a glow-on or an eyeshadow,…

    • Sea Goddess

      40.1% 1,200.001,790.00 2,990.00 1,790.00

      Feeling Blue? Well, now you won’t be! Drive your blues off with this gorgeous Sea Goddess palette. You know what’s even better? Our colourful shade eyeshadow palette satisfies your creative energy to the core owing to the most playful, bright and full-of live shades featured in it. There’s a color…

    • Chubby Cheeks Blusher Palette

      20.1% 400.001,590.00 1,990.00 1,590.00

      A tint on the cheeks just brightens the whole makeup! How about having 6 unreal blush on colors along with 3 contour shades in your makeup box? Sounds wonderful, isn’t it? This Deeply Pigmented Blusher Palette is your perfect companion when you have to swipe on the blusher and chisel…

    • Girl Power

      30% 1,017.002,373.00 (1)
      3,390.00 2,373.00

      Rainbows are majestic!! Aren’t they? So is this palette! A majestic ensemble of eyeshadows in bright, pompous shades. This palette features 6 pressed glitter shades too to amp-up the bright look. It also ticks off all the boxes of your eyeshadow requirements: deeply pigmented, excellent blendability, sumptuous feel and long-lasting…

    • Mood Swings Duo Chrome / Multi Chrome Palette

      25% 573.001,717.00 2,290.00 1,717.00

      There’s a color to suit your every mood. Tell us one person, who doesn’t like 3D pressed glitters? Duh.. there isn’t any!! All the colors in this palette will immediately alleviate your makeup look. Whether you want to be a drag queen or a party babe, these shimmery glitters will…

    • Delightful Surprise – Glitter Palette

      34.6% 1,000.001,890.00 2,890.00 1,890.00

      Guess what, you’ll be delightfully surprised by this palette! This palette is the key to a plethora of looks that you can create with these 15 pressed glitters. No matter what your vibe is, this palette is a perfect pick for your bridal routine or for creating a deep shimmery…

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