Medium Density

Medium Density
    • Chloe

      10% 60.00539.00 (6)
      599.00 539.00

      Chloe is your companion that makes you do all the adventures in life. It’s adventurous, fun, lively and whenever you put it on your natural eyelashes, you feel like going out and experimenting with your life.   It’s super-light, high-quality soft fibre, thin and fine faux mink lashes that you…

    • Ivy

      10% 60.00539.00 (30)
      599.00 539.00

      Best eyelashes in India   If you are searching for high-quality, soft-fibre, thin, lightweight and absolutely cruelty-free faux mink eyelashes for everyday usage, you’ve landed at the right place.   Ivy is one such fine, multi-layered and curly-haired false eyelashes that one can easily wear every day. It’s so lightweight…

    • Zara

      10% 60.00539.00 (4)
      599.00 539.00

      Premium quality, soft-fibre faux mink lashes, Zara is your friend that you need to hype you up! Ultra-long, lightweight, still thin and fine, it’s your pick for the day.   Out of all the false eyelashes available in the market, we present to you the best eyelashes brand.   At…

    • Penny

      10% 60.00539.00 (5)
      599.00 539.00

      Remember Penny from The Big Bang Theory? How generous, kind yet fun and lively she was. She was full of life.   So is our Penny. Once you put on Penny, you’ll get a hold of what we are saying. It takes the load off your eyes just like she…

    • Eye Candy Lashes


      For those who feel the unmistakable pull of sensory exploration, the EyeCandy lashes evoke the charisma and magnetism. Long rounded lashesrhythmically play along the natural shape of the eyes, casting a denseshadow. On days you want to rule – whatever endeavor, whichever place –wear the Eye Candy lashes.Available: pack of…

    • Nikkie


      Confident eyes exemplify impressive presence, wherever you go. Aculmination of fine lashes set in clusters, leading to elegantly criss-crossingcurvy lashes, the Nikkie reflects your robust vibe. From day to evening, gobold wherever you venture, whatever you do. Available: pack of 1 and pack of 3Longevity: wear 18-20 timesVibe: Bold, striking…

    • Pearl


      Pierce the atmosphere with your quiet presence. The Pearl lashes are silentyet bold, subtle yet powerful. An aesthetic display of delicate lashes –ascending from short to long – transcends the obvious. It brings your admirerscloser, searching for what lay beyond. For those who believe that simplicitycan be awe-inspiring, the Pearl…

    • Valerie


      No statements too bold, no detail too intricate, the Valerie lashes are theultimate expression of self. Subtle, soft and minimal, the lashes form a definedoutline that is young and energetic. Encompassing every possibility, theValerie lashes are for those exceptional few who stand clear of the rest.Available: pack of 1 and…

    • Eyelash Adhesive


      Kingdom of Lashes® lash adhesive features a long-lasting, latex-free and waterproof formulation that is perfect for latex sensitive and contact wearing individuals. Our best-selling transparent glue is a favorite among eyelash enthusiasts and professional makeup artists. This transparent adhesive, dries clear and is made specifically for natural, mink, silk and…

    • 2 in 1 Eyelash Adhesive Eyeliner


      Unveiling your little dark SECRET!!!   Messy and awkward lash glue leaving you a bit stuck? Need a permanent solution to get a glamorous look without creating a mess? Unveiling KOL’s pretty little dark SECRET- 2-in-1 Eyelash adhesive eyeliner. This revolutionary adhesive eyeliner pen will change the way you apply…

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