3D Faux Mink

3D Faux Mink
    • 3D Mink – Hottie Lashes


      An Ultra-Wispy 3d Mink effect false lashes, ideal for achieving any look especially for the Red Carpet, The seductive finish will enhance the overall look of any bride. Despite being wispy and long, they are incredibly light in weight and fit seamlessly along the lash line for a comfortable wear.…

    • 3D Mink Bandless – Desire Lashes

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      1,299.00 649.00

      Heavenly beauty is not just a thought. The Desire lashes’ deep and flawless magnetism gives a mesmerizing finishing touch to your get-up. With an appealing display of volumes of curvy lashes, these are especially designed for the women who fulfill all wishes – dare to be at the helm of…

    • 3D Mink Bandless – Sensual Lashes

      50% 650.00649.00 1,299.00 649.00

      Sumptuously sublime, the Sensual lashes blend with those who carry an attitude that leaves the conventional far behind. A blend of straight and criss- crossing long lashes is meticulously modeled along the eyelid silhouette. It ties with the beauty of a woman who evokes a sensual ambience, wherever she goes.…

    • 2 in 1 Eyelash Adhesive Eyeliner


      Unveiling your little dark SECRET!!!   Messy and awkward lash glue leaving you a bit stuck? Need a permanent solution to get a glamorous look without creating a mess? Unveiling KOL’s pretty little dark SECRET- 2-in-1 Eyelash adhesive eyeliner. This revolutionary adhesive eyeliner pen will change the way you apply…

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