Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Palette
4 Eyeshadow Trends That Will Dominate The Year:

This Season Is All About Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zones! As we emerge from the quarantine cocoons, where we saw no existence of makeup in our schedule… We are as excited as you to see what this year unfolds. Though many of us became comfortable with an idea of…

5 Easy Winter Eye Makeup Looks

We all often consider winter season to be a total makeup ruiner. Isn’t it? That’s actually not the reality. You definitely aren’t going to sweat off your makeup. It’s the best time to try out different eyeshadow palettes and experiment with the trends going on. Let’s take you through 5…

How to pair your eyeshadows like a pro?

Vanilla ice cream with Hot Brownie! What do you think of this pair? Delectable and SO GOOD, isn’t it? That’s the thing about a good pair. It always fits well to your needs! And that applies to everything. Also, to makeup! Pairing eyeshadow shades like a pro is also an…

5 Eyeshadow looks to rock this Holi

“A color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” Oscar Wilde There’s something about colors that drive all of us crazy. Isn’t it? They speak volumes about how we feel! The festival of colors is round the corner and we decided to help you celebrate it in…

5 eyeshadow palettes to add in your makeup stash this New Year

2020 hasn’t been easy for all of us.   And MAYBE, you aren’t THAT excited to doll-up for New Year Eve too! But MAYBE YOU NEED this!   MAYBE adding some really cool eyeshadow palettes in your makeup stash will do the deal for you!   Take a break, whip…

Eye-Makeup Tips for Beginners

Eye Makeup…   Us: We have got you covered. Don’t surf the internet anymore!   Yep, we know that pain! Been there, done that.    We all need an eye-makeup guide actually. Why? To know what exactly needs to be done step by step to have a killer eye-makeup look.…

5 Christmas Makeup Looks to put you in the right Spirit.

Wearing just a RED sweater on Christmas Eve , is not something you’d like to do! Make your Christmas celebrations fun, even better by putting on some enticing yet doable makeup looks. But which one to go for? What color combinations to use? Should it be subtle or ALL OUT…

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