Eye Glitters

Eye Glitters
Glisten All Day with Our Delightful Surprise Glitter Palette

Girls will never get enough of the glitter in their makeup kit. It’s no secret that girls have an innate desire for everything that glitters and shines. And hence, major makeup brands like Kingdom of Lashes come up with glitter collections. Out of all these, girls share a special kind…

5 Eye Shadows That Shine as Bright as Sunshine

Eyes can speak a thousand words. And your eyes can be all the more expressive by adding just a pop of colour to the eye makeup. Dab a peppy and bright shade on your eyelids, and you are ready to conquer the world with your enchanting eyes. Whether you are…

Pressed Glitter vs Loose Glitter

We are back again with some glitter-o-drama! Because WE LOVE GLITTERS. I mean who doesn’t love glitters? That added sparkle and shine instantly takes you from midweek office scenes to weekend chills! Glitters keep your glam quotient always on the go! But the question is- which one is a better…

Pull Off Glitter Eyeshadow Like a Pro Tip 101: Make No Mess

Girls!!! Whether you are a fan of sweet shiny glitter eyeshadows or not, I am here to teach you how to pull off chunky glitter eyeshadow without looking like a disco ball. Since sparkle and shine are the biggest hit of the season, we think you should be dipping your…

5 New Ways To Wear Loose Glitters

You must have heard of a saying, “All that glitters is not gold.” Well, it is not, it is PURE GOLD. Yep, in this context, it is. If you are a makeup junkie, you’ll know what amazing thing LOOSE GLITTER is! It’s eye-catching, magical and definitely surreal! And there are…

How to create exquisite glitter eyeshadow looks?

Listen glitter eyeshadow looks aren’t just for runways! They are an important part of your glamorous makeup routine. You can always keep it subtle or go over the top, glitter eyeshadow looks are so in trend these days. Let’s take you through some of glitter eyeshadow looks which you can…

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